Waterproof Coatings

waterproof coatings garage floor

Concrete Coating

A Polyaspartic / Polyurea coating is the best solution to enhance any existing or new concrete floor. High traffic areas such as garages, warehouses and business facilities demand a durable floor. Precision Building’s coating process creates a non-slip finish with showroom quality appearance. A cost-effective, low-maintenance polyaspartic coating is the ideal solution for concrete floors.

Waterproofing a concrete floor is difficult: concrete is porous, with moisture vapor constantly rising through the surface. If you look closely at a piece of concrete, you will see thousands of tiny air holes. These tiny air holes increase humidity and can house bacteria. To prepare the concrete we grind the surface, pores and air holes are opened. The top portion of our polyaspartic /polyurea coating is actually absorbed into the pores of your concrete just like water into a sponge.

When it cures, the first polyaspartic coating becomes part of your garage floor, not stuck to the surface like an epoxy. This absorption process caps off moisture, preventing buildup and bacteria formation. Your concrete is also protected from harmful de-icing salts and water brought in from rain or melting snow on your car.

Deck Coating

waterproof coatingsProtect and beautify your balcony decks with a waterproof deck coating installed by Precision Building. The Utah climate, so great for winter sports, can reek havoc on your outdoor surfaces. Wood decks, pool decks, sun decks and balconies take a beating. Texturizing and waterproofing your deck with a professional-grade deck coating from Precision Building will extend the lifetime of your deck and save you replacement costs and hassles.

Our deck coatings provide reliable moisture barriers and come in a variety of textures, finishes and patterns. Perfect for commercial and residential sun decks, balconies or roof decks, waterproof deck coatings are necessity to protect your decks from the elements. Applied by experienced technicians, our products will allow you to relax with confidence and enjoy your deck spaces for the next decade and beyond.

Texture Coating

texture coating for deckDecorative, texture coating is perfect for residential and commercial use ranging from pool decks, patios and driveways to hotel lobbies and retail stores. Stamped concrete overlay can be colored and textured to match any design theme or specification, giving you an incredibly versatile floor that’s durable and beautiful.

With a myriad of standard colors, you can use texture coating to simulate slate, granite, or stone applications that challenge the eye to tell the difference between concrete and the real thing. Plus, texture coatings can be installed for a fraction of the cost of conventional materials, while providing superior durability and requiring less maintenance. Update your pool deck, driveway or landscaping project with the beauty and durability of Precision Building’s texturized waterproof coatings.